Aplos Software First to Offer Cloud-Based Fund Accounting Software Directly Integrated with Financial Institutions

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Emerging Cloud technology is bringing new hope of reduced IT costs and increased flexibility, but the nation's two million nonprofit organizations are just now enjoying the benefits. While there are a variety of online options for business accounting software, only a few companies have developed web-based software to meet the specific fund accounting needs of nonprofit organizations. In 2011, Aplos Software, LLC, debuted its Cloud fund accounting software. On August 19, Aplos Software announced the software can now securely import transactions directly from financial institutions - the first Cloud-based fund accounting to do so. 
"With the power of Cloud technology, a nonprofit of any size can benefit from fast, secure and reliable software designed to meet their needs," said Tim Goetz, CPA and cofounder of Aplos Software. "By partnering with Yodlee, an industry leader in financial data aggregation, we are helping nonprofits spend less time doing data entry and more time accomplishing their mission." 
The new Bank Integration app for Aplos Accounting will utilize Yodlee to securely connect to financial institutions so users can review and import transactions into their bookkeeping. For organizations with a high volume of transactions, this can be a significant timesaving measure and reduce the likelihood of an error in manual data entry.
A Cloud-based fund accounting software, Aplos Accounting was designed for nonprofits and churches to easily accomplish fund accounting without the complications and limitations of traditional desktop software. The new Bank Integration app to import transactions will be available for $4.99 per month. Other available apps for Aplos Accounting include Contributions Management, Accounts Payable, Budgeting, Bank Reconciliation, and Check Printing. 
As a web-based software, subscribers can access Aplos Software products from any location or device with an Internet connection, have multiple users with role-based permissions, and enjoy automatic data backup. Aplos Accounting pricing starts at $11.99 per month for the base accounting software for one user. Pricing increases to $35.94 per month for up to five users with all available apps enabled. Nonprofits can register for a fifteen-day free trial of Aplos Accounting at www.aplossoftware.com.