Alterity, Makers of ACCTivate!, Announce Partnership with SmartVault

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Alterity, Inc., the makers of ACCTivate!, the fast-growing inventory and business management solution, announced June 19 a partnership with SmartVault, a leading Cloud-based provider of document storage and file sharing solutions.
The AlteritySmartVault partnership will enable ACCTivate! users to access SmartVault from within ACCTivate! to easily and securely attach and view documents and files. 
For ACCTivate! customers syncing data to QuickBooks, those same files will be available from the QuickBooks application via the integrated SmartVault Toolbar. This capability gives the customer intuitive, built-in document management capabilities and the ability to access a file stored inSmartVault from multiple applications. 
"We continually strive to deliver productivity enhancements for ACCTivate! users, and SmartVault provides an innovative approach to document management," said Ron Souder, president and CEO of Alterity. "With SmartVault, ACCTivate! users will be able to attach documents, such as receipts, images, invoices, or vendor agreements, directly within ACCTivate! and then access the document either from ACCTivate! or from any web browser or mobile device via SmartVault."
ACCTivate! integrates with numerous market-leading applications and continually advances ACCTivate's capabilities to provide the highest level of value, convenience, and access available in an inventory and business management solution. The SmartVault partnership continues the path to expanded innovation from a partner who has a proven ability to execute.
"Our vision for SmartVault has always been to integrate document management inside workflows and applications a customer is already using," said Eric Pulaski, SmartVault founder and CEO. "A customer should not have to think about how to manage their documents, they should have a secure, easy-to-use path to access and share files, from inside the apps they are using, or from a web browser or mobile device. We are thrilled to welcome Alterity to our growing ecosystem of applications that now have SmartVault capabilities built inside their applications."
This new capability will be available to all customers in the ACCTivate! 9.0 release. Alterity and SmartVault will be exhibiting at the Scaling New Heights conference in Orlando, June 23 -26, 2013, where attendees are invited to stop by the ACCTivate! booth to learn more about the AlteritySmartVault integration. 
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