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Why FreshBooks May or May Not Be Right for You

Jul 14th 2016
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You've probably heard the name FreshBooks, but do you really know what it does (or can't do)? Basic accounting and invoicing packages are still in very high demand and chances are you or your clients may be using something that is not quite the right fit for them.

For years accounting packages have been, well, oversold because they do what you and your clients need them to do. At the same time, they could be paying too much or having to learn too much of a product when they only need a few specific accounting taskts. Such is the case for the more basic products.

FreshBooks was essentially created for sole proprietors and, by and large, the freelance culture. Sure, it has evolved a bit more but it is a product that still has the small business in its sights. Here to explain more about what the product can and can't do, so that you can be better informed for your clients' needs, is accounting technology expert Greg Lam.

In the following video, Greg pieces apart all of the product's functions and offers his educated overview. Once more, these videos are Not paid advertisments nor are they meant to be an endorsement. They are, however, balanced evaluations of the product you are about to see so that, again, you can make a more informed decision or recommendation.

Let's let Greg explain the rest:

Greg Lam will be a speaker at Accountex USA 2016(formerly SleeterCon) in November. AccountingWEB and Accountex have partnered to bring you this content as we share a belief in the furtherment of the profession through greater insights.