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What You May Need to Know About Zoho Books - Part 1

Jun 10th 2016
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In what seems like an ever-expanding world of cloud accounting products, some brands tend to get overlooked or perhaps not receive as much attention as others, often due to marketing or PR efforts. This doesn't mean the product doesn't have as much value to you or your clients, in fact it could very well be the solution you both need.

As is the case with Zoho Books, the company has been around for several years and continues to build out its product offerings and functionality, but perhaps not quite to the fanfare of its competitors. Once again, accounting technology guru is here in this video series to explain how Zoho Books works, all of its benefits and its comparative shortcomings.

It should be noted that unlike desktop software, web-based accounting and financial products like Zoho Books receive regular updates so some of the screens and specific product features may have already been updated.

More importantly, these videos are not meant or designed to be promotional in any way, nor are they paid for by the vendor in question. They are meant to offer a fair view of the product, particularly for those unfamiliar with them, so you can make an informed decision for your firm or your clients' use.

In Part 1 of this series on Zoho Books, Greg gives an overview of the product and its features, as well as the user interface. So now, here's Greg's take:

Greg Lam will be a speaker at Accountex USA 2016 in November. AccountingWEB and Accountex have partnered to bring you this content as we share a belief in the furtherment of the profession through greater insights.