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Humans of QuickBooks Connect 2017

Nov 15th 2017
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The AccountingWEB team is attending QuickBooks Connect this week in San Jose, and we've met many brilliant and inspiring people. As always, we enjoy giving our audience a chance to communicate with their peers, so we asked any willing participants to answer the biggest question on our minds this year.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated this year, and to remind everyone to look for us at industry events to say hello and to let us know how we're doing!

If you weren't able to attend QuickBooks Connect this year, we would like to encourage you to share your own quotes down below in the comments section. 

"How do you expect automation will impact your work with clients?"

Dawn B"Automation is going to improve my relationnship with clients because I'm actually going to hear what they saying and seeing what they doing.  When you do tax preparation you can look at them rather than your monitor because everything will be automated."

Hilary H"Our clients are Intuit's clients - we hope the automation will occur in the software for them. If it doesn't, we'll be there to solve it for them. There will also be a digital component to help them fix it for themselves, but we'll do it with a human touch."

Lisa Channell"Reducing time on data entry will allow us to move into that advisory role."

Sherry-Lee Mathers"Putting the brains back in bookkeeping."

Kshitij Jain"Automation ideally will help me in smoothing out a few processes. It eases my work and makes me more collaborative with them. But too much detail can be confusing - it needs to be structured."

Aynsley D"It's going to have a dramatic impact. We're looking for automation to deliver astonishing client service at the most cost-effective price."

Carl R"I think automation will completely change how we engage with clients. Through automation we can get live data and flip it around, so we look at the causes of financial results rather than looking back on figures from 12 months ago."

Jeanne G"It's going to affect me a lot. It's the way of the future - that's one of the reasons I'm here."

Paul S"Either accountants will lose their jobs or they'll have to do something more valuable. It seems the bookkeepers in this country are ahead of the CPAs on this."

James G"Our philosophy is we're trying to automate processes that can be automated so we can focus on the areas that will help companies meet their goals."

Elvira W"It would allow me to change my pricing to a fixed fee model which would be better for me and my clients."

Diana M"I converted a major client to QuickBooks Online without compromising the privacy of his data."

Doug W"I can bring isolated data to life to provide greater insights to my clients."