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10 Questions You Must Answer Before You Go for a Career in Accountancy

Nov 29th 2015
Tutor - Accounting and Finance My Homework Help
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It is a lifelong decision for a student to make the right step while choosing a career for him. It is at the middle times of education when a student needs to take certain life changing decision on what career to choose that will help him to gain all the luxuries of life that he wanted. And if you are a student of commerce background it becomes even more important to you to decide whether accountancy is a right decision for you or not.

So, there are 10 basic questions that you need to ask yourself before you choose to be a student of accounts. 

Those 10 Questions are as follows:-

1.    Is accountancy you subject of choice? It is one of the most vital reasons that you will need to sort out before you chooses accountancy as your career and peruse a program. This is so as because, if the subject does not interest you, eventually you will lose all the interest to study.

2.    Are you a detailed person? In accountancy the most important aspect is to give on detailed work. If you have the tendency to provide detailed work than accountancy might just be your subject.

3.    What was your scoring in previous accountancy classes? This will just prove how strong your understanding of the base of the subject is.

4.    Are you more of a logical decision maker? You will need to make many quick and logical decisions in the field when you actually work.

5.    Do you manage all your data in a sequential manner? All kinds of data and records need to be carefully taken care of in accountancy and if you already do so this can just be the subject of your choice.

6.    Are you the kind of person to appreciate predictability? TO take up accountancy as your subjects it is needful for you to answer this as a positive question as predictability is the basic of accountancy.

7.    Is your personal finance in order? If you manage your financial accounts well than you just might be a step closer to what accountancy is originally.

8.    Do you follow rules and regulations? It is also one important question as the business of accountancy runs along with rules and regulations.

9.    What are its future aspects? Just studying something without knowing its future aspects as well as the market is not good, before you take this subject you need to know what the possibilities of job are in the future.

10.    Do you solve accountancy problems with patience? Patience is all that you need to have in accountancy. The more patience you are the better your services will be.

Finally, Accounting is the study related to book keeping or account keeping. Every business or firm maintains its own accounts in order to keep track of the capital, expenditure and earnings. Decision is yours....


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