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Staff Evaluation? 18 Questions to Help You Prepare

Sep 11th 2017
Jr. Staff Accountant
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The easiest way to determine an employee's value to a firm would be to look at the ratio of chargeable hours to total hours.

These timesheets are a black and white, two-dimentional way to quantify an employee's performance and value to the firm.

But, as you know, "performance" goes far beyond the numbers on timesheets. In this time when robots and AI are replacing human workers, you should be asking yourself what makes you valuable and irreplaceable.

While your chargeable hours might give your employer raw numbers to determine their return on investment for employing you, what is your true value?

Employee value transcends mere numbers on time sheets, which is why preparation and self advocacy are so important for a staff evaluation.

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet." - Bobby Unser

So, if staff evaluation offers "opportunity," how should you prepare? Here are questions to ask yourself before an evaluation: 

  • What are your gross fees collected, and types of clients worked on? 
  • What is the effectiveness and efficiency of your work? 
  • Do you produce quality timesheets with thoughtful, first-class notes?  
  • Are you aware of any complaints about you from customers or staff? 
  • How well do you interact with customers and staff? (What doctor's call "bedside manner")  
  • How well do you meet deadlines? 
  • How well do you adhere to your firm's processes and systems? 
  • How promptly and effectively do you respond to client calls and emails? 
  • Do your clients generate referrals for you or the firm? 
  • Do you present ideas or innovative suggestions to your firm? 
  • How willing are you to step up and assist others if needed?  
  • What is your technical ability, and do you grow with changes in technology (such as AI) and new software? 
  • Do you engage in extra activities in the accounting area, such as article or blog writing, speeches or presentations, or CPA society participation? 
  • Do you bring in fresh bagels and coffee for coworkers? (Kidding... but that would be nice!) 

Staff evaluations are where preparation and opportunity meet

Staff evaluations quantify your value to your firm, and they are incredibly important. Think of them as plot points on the line chart that defines your career. (That's a little Excel metaphor for you!) 

A changing economy makes the "human" aspect of your job more important than ever. Technology from brands like like Turbo Tax, plus the innovation of artificial intelligence like IBM's Watson threatens to take business from traditional accounting firms that don't evolve with the industry, so your own personal growth has never been more important. 


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