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Excel Tip: How to Copy 'Visible' Cells Only

Sep 21st 2017
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Here's a convenient Excel tip that I hope you can use!

Often at work I would find myself filtering a spreadsheet to show only the specific data that I need at the time. When I attempted to copy and paste this data to another sheet, I'd to get a bunch of extra data that was hidden from the sheet view on my screen. Hmmm...

That's because by default Excel copies both visible and hidden cells.


How to copy only visible table cells

Here's an easy fix for the issue:

  • Highlight the data you'd like to copy 
  • From the Home tab, click "find & select" 
  • Hit the "F5" button (opens "go to" dialog box)
  • Select, "Go to Special..."

excel copy visible cells only

  • Select the "Visible cells only" box 

excel copy visible cells only step 2

  • Choose, "OK" 
  • Select, "Edit / Copy" (Ctrl + c) 
  • Paste the data into the other sheet (Ctrl + v)

Just the visible data should have been pasted!

So, no more having to delete all that extra data. Excel frustration doesn't have to be as certain as death and taxes. There are a lot of time-saving excel shortcuts and tips online, so take few minutes to check them out when you have a minute!


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By jacksonjoh
Sep 27th 2017 12:20 EDT

thank you!

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