7 Necessary Office Competitions for Busy Season

Feb 24th 2017
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Busy season is in full swing! The smell of coffee fills the air and copy machines are pushed to their limits.

As the next couple of months go by, stress levels will start to increase and morale will start to dip. You will undoubtedly have an existential crisis on your hands if you leave the office untreated.

Here are seven fun competitions you can start in the office to keep everyone sane:

  1. Paper airplane competition - Use all that beautiful floor space (and scrap paper!) you have and have a good old fashion paper airplane competition! Have people design and decorate their own planes to make them unique and get their creative energy out.
  2. Easter egg hunt - Whether you’re kid or not, an Easter egg hunt is always fun. Hide little eggs with treats all around the office to give the kid in each of us a little time to play. You can even stuff the eggs with other treats like spa vouchers or Starbucks gift cards. Have an auditor number the eggs so you can know how many are still hidden.
  3. Rock paper scissors - Nothing gets the competition flowing and adrenaline pumping like rock, paper, scissors. It’s simple and quick, you can even create a tournament and do a bit of NCAA basketball bracketology for the entire office to have fun with.
  4. Paper toss - Everyone has played the game on their phones, it’s time to bring them back to their roots. Have everyone try to toss a paper ball into a trashcan and move it further and further each round until you’re left with a single victor. If you have fans, pull them out for added difficulty!
  5. Art contest - Arrange some fruit and staplers, and have your office do their best to draw the still life. Then have people vote on their favorites. You might be surprised by your colleagues hidden talents.
  6. Indoor golf/bowling - Get physical and hit some things. Make your own mini golf course around the office or set up a bowling lane, it’s a great way to get your team out of their seats for some movement.
  7. Video game tournament - Bring in a game console and put that beautiful TV in the conference room to good use. Be sure to pick something simple like a racing game or any Wii Sport game (Doubles Tennis would be perfect for competition and team building).

Whether you try these or your own games, it’s important to remember to take care of your staff. Being stuck behind your desk for days without any significant break is a recipe for burnout and it spreads like wildfire.

Add in these simple, quick, and creative competitions – it’s the antidote for your 12+ hour work days. And who knows, if your clients get wind of this kind of activity, they may be even more glad they chose you to work with.


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