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Thoughts on Invoice Sherpa – Part II

Jan 27th 2019
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In May 2018, I started using the Accounts Receivable app Invoice Sherpa, which I integrated with my practice’s QuickBooks Online account. I shared my preliminary thoughts on the tool in this blog post

In December 2018, I decided to cease using Invoice Sherpa. Here’s why: 

1.    For each invoice I sent, I received a confirmation email. In fact, I received too many. For 15 outgoing invoices, I received about 45 emails. This is partially due to my own settings, but here’s why I got so many. First, I configured the system to copy me on each invoice sent, since I like to know they actually went out. Most were configured for ACH autopay, so I received a second email stating my invoice had been paid. Then I received a third from the Invoice Sherpa payments processor, Global One (now Nuvei), stating that I had received a payment. This created too much inbox clutter.

2.    One month, there was a problem with two of my ACH payments, but I was never notified by Invoice Sherpa or by Global One. In the meantime, the Invoices were marked as paid in my practice’s QuickBooks, so I never really noticed that the funds never actually arrived in my bank account. In fact, the only way I figured it out was that I entered those same invoices from me into my client’s books as bills and then noticed they were never paid. So I had to backtrack to figure out that indeed, I didn't get the money. It took a call to both Invoice Sherpa and Global Pay support to find out what occurred.

3.    This brings me to Invoice Sherpa’s support: It leaves a lot to be desired. You can submit a ticket via email. The automated response confirms receipt of your inquiry and a promise to get back to you within 72 hours. Really? Three days to respond to a ticket? Sometimes I received no response at all and had to submit an additional email. They do have a phone support number, but I never got a live person. Instead, I was prompted to leave a message, and I almost never received a return call.

4.    One of my original goals with Invoice Sherpa was to receive payments more quickly than with Intuit Payments, but I noticed the funds were not really in my account that much faster. The main reason for this is that I do not accept credit card payments, only ACH, and now I know this just takes longer period, no matter which processor you use. 

5.  Finally, the Global One payment processor website stinks. It is difficult to navigate and find reports, such as which 13 payments were grouped together into a single deposit. Now that Nuvei has taken over, perhaps it will improve, but frankly I don’t even care to take the time to see if that is the case. 

All of this being said, Invoice Sherpa does hit the nail on the head in several areas and is worth checking out for a couple of reasons:

1. I will miss the ability to have an invoice automatically go out of QBO with unbilled charges added and receive hands-free ACH payment. When invoicing directly from QBO, automated ACH is only offered for a sales receipt, not an invoice, and you cannot add unbilled charges to a sales receipt. 

2. I will also miss the various "past due" notice options offered by Invoice Sherpa, where you can customize the message and when it is automatically sent.

Invoice Sherpa has some nice features, but it is still a young product. I would consider revisiting it again in a few years after it and the support have matured. 

Editor's Note: The above review is the viewpoint and experiences of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of AccountingWEB, its parent Sift Media or any of its valued affiliates.

Jody Linick is an AIPB Certified Bookkeeper and a QuickBooks® Certified Pro Advisor.  Her company, FitBooks Pro (formerly called Linick Consulting), specializes in remote bookkeeping services using hosted QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online. You can find her series of Blog posts here.

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By danielleernst
Feb 1st 2019 12:07 EST

Hi - Danielle Ernst here with Intuit's QuickBooks. Wanted to share that eligible customers will receive a notification in QBO giving them the option to upgrade to next day bank transfer payments during the first half of 2019.

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