How Perfect Could a Practice Owner's Life Be?

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Ever think about how perfect your life could be?

We are all striving for something – but few of us know what exactly we are striving for. For some, it is enough money to buy freedom from having to work. But freedom to do what? Some people have vague notions of travel; more time to read etc. but often without much more than that in mind, the lack of purpose inevitably leads to boredom.
So here is an awesome exercise that helps sharpen our focus and make our “Perfect Life” that much more realizable. If you could wave a magic wand, what would your answers be to the following questions:

a) How many hours a day would you work, if at all? And what would that work consist of? Certain types of services you'd prefer to be spending your time on? type of clients you'd prefer to be working with? etc.

b) How smoothly would your day go? What issues would you not have to worry about?

c) What other non-work-related activities, would you enjoy in your perfect day? Where would you ideally live? Who would you spend more time with? How much time would you devote daily to exercise, sport, being outdoors? etc

Detailing out your “perfect day” is a great exercise to do, as it is difficult for us to arrive somewhere we have not been able to envision. As soon we can name it, we're actually half way there!! A study that was done, now almost two decades ago, revealed that only 3 percent of Americans reach their goals. It also revealed that only 3 percent actually spell out their goals and commit them to writing! So this exercise is a major factor in achieving your perfect life.
The “Perfect Day” exercise above, is a great format for writing your goals as it concentrates the mind. It also bypasses the writer’s block syndrome that many people have when it comes to goals.
I hope you enjoy the exercise and that it brings to light what’s most important to you in life, so that you too can achieve it!


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