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Why I Think Slack Has a Place in Your Business

Dec 9th 2019
Leader of Cloud Accounting RLJ Financial Services, Inc.
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On Friday, September 20, 2019, Intuit announced the discontinuation of QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) integration with Slack. 

So, what does Intuit’s announcement mean? Do messaging apps actually serve accountants? Does Slack have a place in your business? 

Here’s my take: Slack is great for sharing quick notes and even better for morale building. It keeps us emotionally connected and in the loop with one another. However, it is not a good tool for “real” work because it is inherently disorganized. Items fly by in the message threads, and to-do’s are easily missed. Files are also disorganized and hard to find later. As a result, most firms rely on more robust systems for client communication as well as task and file management. 

Secondly, some firms have used Slack for client communication, but the cost can quickly become prohibitive. Slack charges $8 per active user per month. So, if you have 100 active users between you and your clients, you’d be looking at almost $10K per year just for a simple messaging app. 

However, I think this direction is the right one. Messaging apps provide the speed, convenience and security that are becoming table stakes in today’s market. The key is to choose the right tools for the job. My business uses Slack for internal communication and Liscio for external communication. Slack is perfect for fast, informal conversations while Liscio provides an organized, all-in-one file, task and messaging experience that is designed specifically for firms to work with clients. 

Consequently, I think that Intuit had the right idea in pushing Slack forward. It wasn’t quite the right fit but it acknowledged the dawn of a new era in communication. First-class communications will travel over messaging platforms while email will handle everything else. As a result, both firms and clients will benefit as priority traffic is separated from the email circus of newsletters, app invitations, alerts, spam and more.

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By CasperG
Jan 23rd 2020 14:00

Slack is in deed a very helpful tool in business. I once worked with a certain company where the senior management used the tool to address issues with junior employees. The platform seemed quite effective, especially when there was poor communication from other departments.

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