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Where to put online service fees for QuickBooks?

Where do I put online service fees in my chart of accounts?

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I am trying to figure out where I would put fees for services like Quickbooks and software fees. Also, are they put in different places in the chart of accounts if the fees are annual or monthly? 

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Jody Linick
By Jody Linick
Mar 4th 2021 13:12 EST

Hello, there are several options. First, look to see if there has already been an entry for these kinds of fees, in which case it's best to use the same expense account that has been used in the past (unless it was clearly a wrong account used in error). If you are entering this expense for the first time, be sure to create a Vendor name you can remember for next time, such as "Intuit Fees" or "Intuit" or "QuickBooks." Then you can post the expense to Dues and Subscriptions, or Software. It does not matter if the fees are annual or monthly. You can also consider checking in with the tax preparer, to see if they have a preference as to what account you use. Best Practice: Select an expense account and consistently use the same one each time.

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