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Using my Limited Company to work in the USA

I want to understand how easy it is to work in the USA using my limited company.

Hi All,

I run my own limited company with just me as the director and secretary inside the UK. My skills I contract out consist of design and development services which up until now have always been inside the UK. 

I now plan to move to USA without a working VISA for a 3 month contract with a client. My question is:

  1. Is this legal? Of course without having a working VISA I will be on a holiday visa, but is it legal to work in the USA without a working VISA?
  2. How will I charge this client? Can I charge them the standard way I charge my clients in the UK which is just invoicing them and supplying them my bank details (bearing in mind this will be English bank details and not an American bank account).
  3. How would paying tax work? Do I still charge my client the normal 20% VAT? And do I pay any additional taxes because I am in USA.

Any other information or support around working in USA using your Limited company would be appreciated.




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