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Unhiding Excel Columns

Cannot Unhide Columns In An Old Spreadsheet.

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I cannot unhide columns in a old spreadsheet which I wish to modify. I have removed protection (Review shows Protect Sheet). Columns A thru AN are shown.

Highlight all cells, Home, Format, Visibilty, Unhide Columns does nothing. Also Highlight all cells, Right click, unhide does not work.

Is it possible I could have deleted columns at an earlier date? Can you delete columns?

I created a new sheet and it has columns A thru IV visible.

On this new sheet I can hide columns then resore then by, Highlight all cells, Right Click, Unhide. However Home, Format, Visibility, Unhide does not work.

What is happening? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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By Seth Fineberg
Nov 18th 2015 16:49

Thank you for your note, Denis. I believe our regular contributor and Excel expert David Ringstrom can best answer this for you.

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David Ringstrom
By David Ringstrom
Nov 18th 2015 18:12

Denis, it sounds to me that the columns are not hidden but rather have a minuscule column width that makes it appear as if they are hidden. Click the corner of the worksheet (above row 1 and to the left of column A) to select the entire worksheet, and then right-click on the first visible column, choose Column Width, and the set the width to 9 (or the width of your choice). If that does not work reply here and I'll suggest another angle.

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Replying to dringstrom:
By Denis
Nov 19th 2015 06:30

Hello David
I did as you suggested setting all columns to width 9 to no avail.
After my first question I did go to the second last column and found that I could insert another column
I repeated this and now have columns up to BG.
Does this mean that in the past columns past AN were deleted?
Thanks for your assistance

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