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Swiss Trust Fund as UK shareholder

I'm worried

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Dear all,

I'm about to invest in a large UK engineering company. It is a family company founded in the 60s and now has operations world-wide.

One thing that concerns me, from piecing together information from UKCompanies House and the SEC, the founder holds 30% of the company in a Swiss Trust as well as 5% in a BVI subsidiary.

Why hold so much of the company in a Swiss trust fund? I can see it is held by a tax-estate planning lawyers in Zurich. 

Do I need to worry about this?

All help appreciated,



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By vouchermedia
Feb 16th 2017 13:15

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By edinaclark11
Feb 25th 2017 06:22

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By AddisonAdney
Mar 29th 2017 06:19

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By Jamesstewart01
Mar 23rd 2018 07:22

Thanks for sharing

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