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Starting a CPA firm advice

I plan on getting Master's in Accounting and CPA within a year. My plan is to start a CPA firm in the future.

After I'm done with school, I plan to work for a big 4 firm for about 2-3 years, I plan to switch around a lot between employers so I can get the most wide range of experience. 


My dad is an auditor and knows CPA firms that will retire which I can obtain clients from.


What advice would you give me as I have at least 3 years before I start my own CPA firm.


How many employees will I need? After the start up costs/work, is it basically just getting clients and giving the work to your employees and just checking your employees work?

Advice for scaling the business as I want to get as big as I possibly can, I plan to promote people to manger and non equity partners. I want to give up equity as a last resort in order to keep good staff but prefer not to. 


I definitely have an entrepreneur mind and want your advice on how to succeed in the accounting industry. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. 

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By Seth Fineberg
Apr 10th 2017 15:39

Thank you for the question, and it's a good one. While I'm certain many in our audience can answer aspects of this for you, we also have a running blog series called Starting from Scratch ( that could be of use to you. All the best!

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