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Sales tax tracking in construction industry

Am I using the easiest path to track sales tax?

If this isnt 100% accurate, Ive been doing it wrong for over 20 years, please advise.  Is there an easier method maybe ?   I was told on the onset of using QB in the 90s that tracking sales tax would be easy, it has not.   I am a single employee Electrical Contractor in upstate NY.  I use 2 accounts to track/pay sales tax, a "Sales Tax Payable" for input of sales tax charged to some customers (100s in five different counties with different rates) and a "Sales Tax Paid" to record each transaction associated with an expense relating to materials purchased for resale/installation, time consuming with 1000s of invoices to input usually from a single county.  When sales taxes are due, I will review all vendor invoices (1000s) with taxes paid vs customer invoices with tax collected (100s) and use credits from the "Sales Tax Paid" account to offset the "Sales Tax Payable" account.  Then with these values I fill-in the online form .  It is tedious PC time that requires nights and weekends.  If anyone has any advice on an easier path to stay compliant it would be appreciated. 

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