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Recommendations for (Free) Excel Tips & Training

Please recommend a good, free, resource for Excel training and tutorials

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I've been tasked with finding the best (free/cheap) resource for Excel training and tips. While there are a lot of posts with tips out there, I'd like to find a central "library" for updated Excel tutorials where employees of various skill level can brush up on skills. 

I'm thinking that videos would be most helpful, covering pivot tables, macros, formulas, etc. 

Eventually it would be on our intranet, so online-based would be best. 

*Just site names would be great, as I don't want to encourage posting actual links  Thanks!  :) 

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By Anthony Semones
Mar 16th 2018 12:47

Hi, I am interested in this discussion as I am tasked with a similar project. I was wondering if you had any replies or found any sites? I will update the comment if I find some that might be useful to your task as well.

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Replying to Anthony Semones:
By Seth Fineberg
Mar 19th 2018 13:27

Our Excel contributor David Ringstrom who basically has All of the Excel copy on our site going back for several years. Every Excel article you see on our site will be from him, he is a CPA and teaches courses on all aspects of practical and technical Excel use

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