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Quickbooks Invoice Numbering

Can I reuse old invoice numbers?

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I just have a question regarding invoice numbers for a small business. Our invoice number sequence is a very long number. We started with #1001 in 1995 and now it's getting close to #200000. We still manually enter written invoices into Quickbooks and the longer the invoice number gets, the more often it's being entered incorrectly. Can we restart with the #1001 and set it up in Quickbooks so the duplicate invoice number message doesn't pop up when the original invoice is dated back so far? Another question- All of our Quickbooks records are still in Quickbooks dating back to 1995. Is it customary to keep those records in Quickbooks for 20+ years? Thanks for your help!

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By Angila1123
Oct 26th 2017 08:57

A number of accounting business owners have chosen to go for QuickBooks Online (QBO) because they think it is convenient and more economical.

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By NarekAlumyan
Jan 17th 2018 09:42

Yes you can, some clients also add a period which helps with the QBs warning pop-up.

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