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Quickbooks Invoice Numbering

Can I reuse old invoice numbers?

I just have a question regarding invoice numbers for a small business. Our invoice number sequence is a very long number. We started with #1001 in 1995 and now it's getting close to #200000. We still manually enter written invoices into Quickbooks and the longer the invoice number gets, the more often it's being entered incorrectly. Can we restart with the #1001 and set it up in Quickbooks so the duplicate invoice number message doesn't pop up when the original invoice is dated back so far? Another question- All of our Quickbooks records are still in Quickbooks dating back to 1995. Is it customary to keep those records in Quickbooks for 20+ years? Thanks for your help!


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Oct 26th 2017 08:57

A number of accounting business owners have chosen to go for QuickBooks Online (QBO) because they think it is convenient and more economical.

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Nov 23rd 2017 06:17

The maximum digits allowed in QuickBooks invoice is 11 but going that far creates a problem. You can set automatic invoice sequence by clicking on the Gear icon, then under you Company, click on Accounting and Setting>Sales. Now in the Sales Form Content, click on the pencil icon and make sure that the Custom Transaction Numbers is turned on. After that click on Save and Done.
In the invoices, you will see an invoice number box. You can change the invoice number to whatever you like and QB will start counting from that only.
And as far as i know, you can't use a duplicate invoice number in QB, but you can do further research on it and find it out.

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Jan 17th 2018 09:42

Yes you can, some clients also add a period which helps with the QBs warning pop-up.

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