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QBO clients disappearing

QBO clients disappearing

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Hi All,

I am having an ongoing issue with QBO that the team at Intuit can not resolve. They claim that they have not had any other reports of this.

Several client accounts do not appear on my QBOA client list which means I cannot access their accounts regardless of the fact that I am still listed as the Master Admin and accountant user. In addition, because for some reason they are detached from my account my staff can not access them either. Today is the 5th incident in total and the 4th time in the last 31 days. It is not always the same client accounts.

Intuit has given me a workaround to access the client account to remove myself as the accountant and re-invite myself back in. The issue I have with this is that my clients receives email notification that I have been invited to their account. This instability is making several of them very uneasy and worried about the stability of the application and security of their data, not to mention weakening my credibility.

I am working with the Accountant Escalation Team on this but feel like they are a black hole just like regular support (only they make you feel better).

Has anyone else experienced this?

Archived comments:

Judie, We went through this recently as I had not been upgraded to the newer generation of QBO while my staff accountant had been.  We did go through the process of uninviting and re-inviting, but I didn't realize that the clients got a notification of this.  I actually had to create another admin user (using my personal email address) and then used it for the switch.  It is a bit much if you have a lot of clients on QBO.  - Michele
These instability issues are one reason I do not use QBO as a general rule or advise anyone to use it.   If someone wants their data in the cloud it is easy to host QBDT on an asp..    QBDT is much better software and stable.   I do not understand why consultants continue to sign up for QBO and I think we do small business a disservice in recommending it. - Deborah

UPDATE: Intuit did find a potential cause for the issue and a way to reactivate the clients. With the new gen of QBOA your client list is linked to your customer list in your firm books. The customer in the list were inactive (not sure how/why). Once I re-activated them in my firm books they re-appeared on my client list.  Intuit is investigating this issue.

@deborah_lardieI clearly understand your point of view but to clarify I am not concerned about the stability of cloud apps, I feel the data is much cleaner and secure in the cloud. My concern is that my clients, similar to you, that do not understand it will have concerns and issues like this make it more difficult to put their mind at ease. - Judie

Looks like you have your answer but I wanted to add to the discussion that I had the issue and it turned out to be due to me trying to clean up my QBOA Customer list for duplicates created by Intuit Tax Online or Practice Igntion (I wasn't always sure which was creating the duplicate).  If you inactivate the Client List name that is attached to a QBO client account it will disappear off of your list of companies in the drop-down menu.  However, your access to the company has not been terminated.  I've struggled with duplicates being created in both my QBO customer list and on my QBOA client list, but have changed my process to always add new Clients to my QBOA Client list FIRST... and that seems to have resolved my duplicates issue.

I have to say that I love QBO and feel that it gets better each month as new upgrades come out, and I disagree that we are doing a disservice to our clients by recommending QBO where it fits their business model.  I've picked up a few QBO clients simply because their accountant/bookkeeper of many years refused to take the time to learn QBO and were negative about the client's decision to move to the cloud. - Starla

Thank you @starlasmith. Intuit told me that QBOA adds the "Client" to your firm customer list when you add a new client to QBOA. In my case, I just added my Firm Books (new company) to QBOA and when I did it added all my QBO clients to my customer list creating duplicates (as well as populated the client list in QBO with all my customers).   If you add a new client to your QBOA account it will automatically add it to your customer list. You can use the Resolve Duplicate Clients tool to merge the records together but then you will need to deactivate the ones that you did not select to keep in your firm books. - Judie
Thanks for sharing the final resolution Judie!  When we first converted (May 2015) we were having a lot of issues with how the Customer list is tied to the Client list too. Intuit seems to think that if we're an accounting firm that we do bookkeeping for all of our clients. I don't understand why they don't let us control which Customers show up in the Client list more easily. - Donny
Maybe this is already known, but I find that the easiest way to show my bookkeeping clients is from the drop down menu at the top.  There's a search box that says "Find a client" and to the right of it, there's a dropdown menu.  From that menu, you can select All Clients, Bookkeeping Clients, Payroll Clients, Wholesale Clients, Non-Wholesale Clients, or Clients without products.  Either selecting "Bookkeeping Clients" or using the search bar to select the client for whom I'm searching is the quick way to go. - Michele

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