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Opening old periods in the accounts?

Opening periods

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We have a software in our company, that I find not so accounting friendly.

When I am reconciling accounts, sometimes I need to open up periods regarding the SL and the PL, but I cannot open them without first asking support to do so (this is via email). From this I have to sit and wait for them to confirm that they have re-opened the period, which is very annoying. When the period is opened the whole company can get into this re-opened period that I am working on and post transactions.

I have discussed this with the software company and asked if in the future they can think of implementing more controls within the system, so only certain individuals can access the re-opened periods,and not all of the sales team or other members of the accounting team. Their response was to make me feel that I am doing something wrong, if I need to re-open any ledgers after they are closed. My opinion is, if they had a better system that had more controls, there would not be this problem?

Can anyone advise? Or can someone tell me their experience with having to open periods in the accounts? Did your software let you do it? Did you have to ask? Was it only you that has access, or was it opened up to the whole company? 

Thank you.



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