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Moving Data from Column to Rows Easily in Excel

Moving Data from Column to Rows Easily in Excel

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I have a large amount of data in colunm which included Name, Name of Company, Address, City, State, Zip -- all in column a and I would like to get the data into rows by all the above -- is there an easy way to get this down without tranforming on account at a time.

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David Ringstrom
By David Ringstrom
Oct 12th 2016 22:23

It's hard to give specific advice without seeing a sample of your data, but the first thing I'd try in your situation is to select column A, and then choose Data, and then Text to Columns. Choose Delimited in on the first screen of the wizard, and then click Next. On the second screen of the wizard I'm going to guess that either Tab or Comma will make the data pop into distinct columns. However, if it's the case that your columns are all evenly spaced, choose Fixed Width on the first screen of the wizard, and then on the second screen of the wizard place column breaks as needed.

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Replying to dringstrom:
By Ashok
Oct 14th 2016 02:36

Thank you very much for your guidance. I am reconciled to yesteryear Lotus 123's "Data Parsing" in Excel now.
Moving text with "Comma" Delimited text separation is working fine.
Selection of "Delimited" in first screen of Wizard is advatageous.
Selection of "Fixed Width" in first screen and selection of column break in second screen of the Wizard is not advantageous for the present task of address book.
It is very unlikely that any data is entered in multiple lines in a single cell and moving that data to multiple columns is needed; if need arises and a comma is present at the end of each line in a cell, Excel formula CLEAN(text) will simplify the work. This formula changes multiple lines in to a single line. Next step is to remove formula from cells by Copy and Paste Values. Next step is applying "DataTools>Text to Columns".

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By Ashok
Oct 13th 2016 12:02

Hello Ken,
I know one method of moving data from column to rows.
Please send your email address to [email protected].
I will send the method.
with thanks and regards,

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By robert_mann
Dec 7th 2016 03:21

Yes, I think you can do it with the help of transpose option in MS excel. Start by selecting and copying your entire data range. Click on a new location in your sheet, then go to Edit. Paste Special and select the Transpose check box. Click OK, and Excel will transpose the column and row labels and data. Let me know if you get this helpful. Thanks

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