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How do you manage the never ending client emails

client emails

This is currently my biggest challenge in dealing with never ending client emails. I feel as though clients are emailing over the most trivial things with minor requests in addition to others trying to conduct detailed conversations via email. 

One tactic which only marginally helps is that I email clients a link to arrange a 15 minute phone call which puts the onus back on them, and in some cases the client doesn't arrange the call because they were just looking for a quick answer and it was easier for them to email me in the hope that I would answer it for them rather than looking it up themselves. 

Be that as it may, I still have the uphill battle of averaging approx 60 - 70 emails per day. Does anyone have any suggestions in terms of dealing with these, I understand that I can delegate to staff but I still have to read those 70 emails before I delegate. Does anyone use a shared inbox or a virtual assistant for these type of tasks or any other suggestions in terms of filtering their emails?

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