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How do I connect a check to multiple accounts?

A check is used to pay a bill in one account and used as a deposit in another

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Using QuickBooks Enterprise - I have a check that was used to pay a credit card bill.  The check shows as a credit to our main checking account.  the bank that holds the credit card shows the check as a deposit into our other checking account them (which is not our main checking account) and then again as a credit showing they took the money out to pay the credit card bill.  I don't know how to show the deposit into the "other" checking account because the check is already tied to the credit card bill. 

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By Kathycpa
Oct 24th 2018 16:35

This is essentially first a transfer to the other checking account and then the credit card payment is processed from that 2nd account in QB.

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By lgrbookkeeping
Oct 26th 2018 13:34

Since the deposit and the credit in the checking account cancel each other out, then you could ignore those two entries or just enter the deposit and enter the money coming out as two entries but code to a flush account. The remaining effect will be the money coming out of the correct bank account and the credit card receiving the payment

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By Michael Abrams
Nov 3rd 2018 13:31

Actually, there is really nothing that needs to be done other than to call the bank and ask them why this transaction occurred in this manner. It was probably just a mistake on the bank's part and nothing to worry about.

But, I find it amusing that the focus is on the proper bookkeeping of the transaction (which was already correct) and not on the real issue which is, why the bank handled it the way it did.

Sometimes the best way to the answer is to simply ask the right question of the right people...

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