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How Do I Compete with High-Tech Bookkeeping Startups?

Competing With High-Tech Bookkeeping

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I was just contacted by a well-funded high-tech accounting and tax start up company looking to "partner" or buy my book of business. I have come across three of these start-ups in the last month and I am getting a bit nervous.  

At every conference I go to the topic is always about how it's all going to change and we better get ready and start doing business analytics or something else so we can add value. Seems like it's really happening now.  I am wondering what everyone else thinks about this.  


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By SBSBoise
Oct 1st 2016 14:15 EDT

I run across this problem in my business as well.

The problem i have noticed with these larger bookkeeping companies is that the quality of work is pretty poor.

But, what would you expect for the prices they charge.

I'm taking the higher cost/higher value approach.

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