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How can I erase data from an Excel spreadsheet?

erase data from spreadsheet

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How can I remove data from and Excel spreadsheet without removing the formulas and the column and line headings?

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David Ringstrom
By David Ringstrom
Jan 31st 2017 20:19

I'm going to make a distinction between data that you want to remove and text that serves as captions that you want to keep:

1. Select the cells that contain the data you want to remove (this can include formulas as well).

2. On Excel's Home menu choose Find & Replace, and then Go To Special.

3. Double-click on Constants. This step should select only the data cells from within the range you selected but not any formulas.

4. Press the Delete key to clear the cells but keep the formatting intact. Alternatively you could choose Clear, and then Clear Contents from the Home menu.

The Constants choice within the Go To Special dialog box allows you to select only cells that contain text or numbers within a given range that you've selected within the spreadsheet.

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