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Construction Accounting Product Recommendation Needed

Construction Accounting Product Recommendation?

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Hi all

I have a client that is in residential remodeling/general contract work. They generally bill time and materials.  I am looking for a recommendation for them as to how to best automate their accounting.  Currently there are a lot of manual input bridges and billing happens on excel.  Their annual revenue is $1m so they are not large enough to switch to something complex like master builder.

They need the following:

-time sheet system that integrates into billing and payroll

-payroll system that accomodates easy managerial review of hours and interfaces with quickbooks/time tracking system

-invoicing system that can bring in time and materials, handle material markups and an additional profit & overhead % charge

-(optional) paperless vendor bill management (I'm thinking

-job cost reporting 

I know they can effect this in Quickbooks desktop with built in reports that the QB for construction provides.  The question I have is does anyone have a client in this field that has fallen in love with an automated approach (chunkafication) to their system set up that makes it easy for their workforce to log time in remotely on sites (or otherwise via a mobile device) which automatically syncs with a payroll system for managerial review/processing and, since they may need to utilize the assistance of a remote bookkeeping source, I am thinking or a system that has similar remote processing support?

Anyone have a client who is successfully solving this need? If so, what products are they using?

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By heidiwilson
Jul 28th 2016 16:38 EDT

You may want to check out They're relatively new on the scene, but they may have what you're looking for.

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