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company car not owned by the company of the employee who uses it

company cars

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Good afternoon ,


XX UK has bought a car. This car will be used by an employee of another company of the same group (XY Services).


Is the asset WDA applicable?

is the employee liable for P11d's? even though he is not using a car owned by his company/employer?



Thank you !


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By Seth Fineberg
Jan 27th 2016 20:42

Could you form this question a bit more clearly? It is clear you are trying to protect the companies involved, but in doing so what you want to know is not. Thank you.

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By ltarr12
Jan 28th 2016 12:24

1. is the asset WDA applicable for XX UK Ltd
2. the employee is employed by XY Services Ltd, they use the car owned by XX UK Ltd, are they liable to p11d's as they are not an employee of the cars owner XX..

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Rowan Webb
By Rowan Webb
Jul 12th 2016 06:19

I think a bit more clarification is needed in terms of the agreement. What has been initially discussed between XY and XX to govern who is in charge of the car should be able to help work out who needs to be responsible for what aspect of the car's liability.

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