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Cloud Hosting Service Options?

Cloud Hosting Service Options?

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My husband and I run a small bookkeeping firm and have been using a remote hosting service for many years.  For the last 2+ years things have steadily gotten worse with the company we are using and we finally decided try to move our few users to Cloud9 Real Time.  The initial contact was great.  

We were assured they were getting lots of clients that were moving from this other service, had hired several of the employees and we would be 10 times happier with a move to a dedicated server on Cloud9, a custom build that would take 7 days.  When I asked about the Sleeter discount, he had to check to see if we could get it if we went month to month, but was sure it was offered on an annual plan. I told him we were too small for paying annually.

Every decision I made was very intentional about timing and the dates we wanted to implement.  We decided on June 20 to give time for the build and time to cancel with our current provider so we wouldn't have too much overlap.  June 20th rolls around and I send all my client's licensing information and follow up with a call.  First I'm told the builds are now 8 days, then 2 weeks!  That puts us right after July 4th where we would be overlapping billing.  

We decided to go with the 7-day trial instead, which he could do immedietly, but because we didn't want too much billing overlap he suggested Thursday the 23rd.  Again, I intentionally set the date for this morning the 24th.  When I asked again about the Sleeter discount, I am told that The Sleeter Group was sold and there is no longer a discount.  So this morning I hear nothing.  My husband sends an email to see what is needed to get going.  

The sales person says he will start getting it ready for us, then sends an email saying he needs our clients email addresses and contact info.  He never mentioned that when I sent him all their licensing info on the 20th.  So we get everything over to him and by mid afternoon we still have no information on how to log in.  I email him saying we really need to move our clients files over the weekend so we don't disrupt normal workflow at their companies.  This was something I had discussed with him before, and part of my very intentional choice of getting this started on Friday.

So here we are after hours and he lets us know that he has it all set up but since the passwords were auto-generated we are stuck because he doesn't have access to them, and the engineer is out until sometime Monday.  I'm feel that our small business was not a priority and I am left with many questions.

1)  Has he told us the truth about timing on building a dedicated server?

2)  Why is a 7 day trial supposed to be implemented so easily if it is dedicated as well?

3)  Why is the salesperson setting up our server?

4)  Why is the Sleeter discount not available if it is listed as a member benefit on the Sleeter web-site?

5)  And this is a biggie.....if we have technical issues, say our server goes we have to wait for the engineer to come back to work on Monday if it is Friday afternoon?

6)  Is this what we can expect going forward?

7)  Can you recommend a remote access hosting service that you are personally pleased with?

Thank you all in advance.

Judy Patrick

Sleeter GroupThis question was originally posted within the Sleeter group member discussion forums and has been shared with AccountingWEB as part of our ongoing collaboration to help firms grow and develop


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By webhostpro
Jun 30th 2016 20:22 EDT

Very smart! The tricks in web hosting have got out of hand. All this fake unlimited web hosting is just as bad.

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Josh Clark, Cloud9 Sr. VP
By Cloud9 Sr. VP
Jun 30th 2016 23:16 EDT


Thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions in a public forum. I appreciate any chance to learn from our customers, or in your case, potential customers. I apologize that your buying experience was confusing and unsatisfying. We are committed to doing everything we can to resolve your challenges should that opportunity still exist.

Before addressing your questions, let me say that I believe your experience is a direct result of the efforts of our development team to improve the time required to deliver new customers our virtual private servers. This year, demand for our solutions has been so high that at times we have struggled to keep up. To overcome this challenge, we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in pre-provisioning and automation technologies that allow us to deliver Virtual Private Servers to prospects immediately, and for a free 7-day trial. The major benefit to prospects is the ability to try our basic solution immediately, and if they like it, avoid the very migration challenges you were having to address. I explain this so you will have better context for my answers to your questions below:

1) Has he told us the truth about timing on building a dedicated server? Yes, Ma’am, he did. Our standard time to build a server is 7 days. However, because we know how critical timing is when migrating from another cloud provider, we are careful to be fully transparent with our custom build times. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a build time until we have a signed commitment from the prospect. An extended decision cycle may result in different build times being available. This is what happened in your case.
2) Why is a 7-day trial supposed to be implemented so easily if it is dedicated as well? Our trial servers our pre-provisioned and waiting in queue for prospects when they call in. They are preloaded with just the right amount of resources for a trial and are automated to add resources on the fly if necessary. If the prospect converts to a customer, they stay and grow their firm in this Virtual Private Server. If they don’t, we destroy the server and repurpose the resources. This technology will revolutionize the buying experience for our industry as it resolves the exact challenges you were facing. It is designed as a cost effective and timely solution for small firms like yours. Unfortunately, you caught us early, while we were still learning and perfecting. My review of your sales process reveals this was presented as a BETA.
3) Why is the salesperson setting up our server? They aren’t. Salespeople simply provide you with the administrative user name and password. This is where the process broke down. The user name and password the salesperson had wasn’t working and yes, the development engineer in charge of the process was out the next day. Because this is development and proprietary, they were the only party who could help. My apologies.
4) Why is the Sleeter discount not available if it is listed as a member benefit on the Sleeter web-site? I am not sure why you were told this as it is not accurate. The Sleeter group has been a valued partner for a long time and we still honor the Sleeter discount. Again, my apologies.
5) And this is a biggie…if we have technical issues, say our server goes down….do we have to wait for the engineer to come back to work on Monday if it is Friday afternoon? I understand how you could arrive at this question. To clarify, there is a big difference between support engineering and development engineering. Cloud9 employs multiple development engineers who are responsible to develop new solutions and technologies. These individuals spend months to bring single solutions to market. The solution you required, for this new BETA technology, needed a specific development engineer. However, had you been a customer (or even a prospect) utilizing a cloud9 server, you would have had access to three tiers of Technical Support Representatives and a two tiered Support Engineering team.
6) Is this what we can expect going forward? Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate every need and timeline for every prospect. When demand outstrips supply – we feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many great firms and will continue to be honest in how we set expectations. Perhaps we shouldn’t have offered you the BETA trial. That is my fault, I’ve been pushing the team really hard because of what I believe it will mean for our company and our future customers.
7) Can you recommend a remote access hosting service that you are personally pleased with? I believe you have already selected an alternative provider. However, I have asked our VP of Sales to follow up with you in the morning to make sure you have everything you need. And to make sure we glean the last bit of learning from your experience.

Thanks again for the opportunity to answer these questions. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to serve you in the future.

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By oliverusselldev
Jul 1st 2016 03:57 EDT

You should have checked before if the hosting provider has 24/7 support or not. There are hosting that provides 24/7 support, like Cloudways. Always go for such hosting.

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