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Client Newsletters -- Need Advice

Client Newsletters -- Need Advice

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We are in the process of surveying our clients regarding their QuickBooks usage to gather information to form some useful classes/workshops for them as we have well over 200 clients on QuickBooks. At the last minute I got the bright idea to add a line on the survey to ask for name and email for a monthly newsletter for tips/tricks or other relavent QuickBooks data.  

So far even if the survey it self hasnt been fully filled out the response on the newsletter idea has been overwhelming-  now the question.  Does anyone else currently offer this to their clients? do you use a "canned" program for it? if so which one?  

Any ideas advice appreciated.  The nice thing is the survey will provide us with some easy tips and tricks to start out with as some have asked questions that could be easily answered that way.

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By Clinton Lee
Aug 26th 2016 09:17 EDT

With respect canned programs, I use Mailchimp and that has worked well.

While your emails can be sent out manually via bulk mailing them to everyone on your list, especially as you don't have tens of thousands of subscribers, using a third party service like Mailchimp offers many automated, scheduling and tracking advantages.

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