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Can I get some guidance on cloud accounting setup?

Help Setting up Cloud Accounting Services

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I provide full charge accounting and tax services to my clients.  I am trying to move to cloud accounting and I am having some difficulty setting up this new structure.  As with clients that I might attract, that handle the day to day recording of data.  In this senerio, does the service become review & correction of the daily data, reconciliations and financial statements?  How does the cost structure change in this senerio?  I would love to get some guidance on how best to make this transistion and how to price services in the new cloud environment.  Thank you in advance.

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By jmgullang
Jul 31st 2017 17:20 EDT

Cloud is such a general term and doesnt go in enough detail about how you are using the cloud, what cloud are you using, what services do you want to provide.

-Are you recording transactions in QBO?
-Is your service being an accountant who uses the cloud to record transactions?
-Or is your service correcting problems from prior cloud implementations?

I would be doing the last point...trying to correct bad implementations, add new functionality, reports, improve processes. $100/hour but if you are just recording the items in the cloud, that shouldnt change the pricing you did.

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By ameliaswift
Sep 12th 2017 06:16 EDT

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