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Can I add sales after midnight to prior day sales?

To enter sales manually in Qbooks, can I add sales after 12am to prior day sales if I close at 3am?

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I manage a small neighborhood bar open 11am-230am. When I enter my sales for the day manually into Quickbooks, can I enter the sales for the full day from open to close as one, or do I need to separate the sales after midnight to add to the next days sales? I have switched the program I was using to sync the info from my POS to Quickbooks because it wasn't adequate for my needs, and the new program syncs differently, so I have started putting in my daily sales manually. I'm concerned that this may cause an issue when calculating my sales tax due, as I believe the cycle ends at midnight on the last day of the month. Are there other issues doing this that I've failed to anticipate?

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