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Advice on UK VAT registration threshold

Advice in terms of what exact type of geographical revenue counts towards the threshold

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Hi all, 

I have a question regarding the VAT registration threshold in the UK for new businesses. 

The current threshold is 83,000GBP in a rolling 12 month period. If you exceed this, you have to register for UK VAT. But the HMRC website and their customer service is very ambiguous in terms of what exact type of revenue counts towards this threshold.

Hypothetically, my business sells 25% of its goods in the UK, 25% in the rest of the EU, and 50% to non-EU countries. All raw materials come from within the EU and all final goods are made in the UK, and sold online to individuals.

Could anyone advise me what geographical parts of my revenue count toward the VAT registration threshold? My latest understanding is that ONLY UK revenue (i.e. I sell a product online and send to a UK shipping/billing address) counts towards this threshold. 

Thank you!

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