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Advice on Remote Access for Employees Working from Home

Advice on Remote Access for Work at Home Staff

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I was wondering about everyone's experience about letting employees work from home/remote access.  We are a small bookkeeping firm (no tax returns), my employee just came to me and confessed that the commute is killing her and that she thinks she will be more effective and engaged if she worked from home.

I don't trust her set up at home. She has no dedicated space for it and I don't want the paperwork to leave the office.  We tried one day a week before and it just created more work for me on the days she worked from home with additional scanning etc. 'sigh'  I don't want her to quite over this because it took me a long time to train her and she is valuable to me.  

I think I have to go paperless for this to work.  Thoughts? Experiences?

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