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Accounting Software advice needed

Accounting Software Advice Needed

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I am looking to set up my business come first of April 2017. So i have offered to help my sister and her friend prepare their accounts this year ...just to gather some practical experience. Can anyone please advice me on the best accounting software to use this year please? I will only be preparing the accounts for two of them. Would appreciate it if i can also get advice on the best (affordable but value for money..also user friendly) software to use when i start next year as well.

Any other tip on what i will need to know to improve my chances of survival in the first year will be highly appreciated :(

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By clb2016
Sep 19th 2016 18:19

Hello. I just saw your post, and I am bias since I work for this company, but Validis' cloud-based software will provide a 25% time savings on mid-market engagements. You can learn more at Our software is being described as equivalent in impact as the Excel spreadsheet.

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By cbernardBDR
Sep 22nd 2016 18:53

It depends. Free upfront will be a headache if you don't have a plan to transfer that data as you grow. In addition, it sounds like this is all really new but eventually you'll want a CRM integration, you might want customizable functionality, etc. My #1 would be QuickBooks Online (QBO) for a few reasons 1) if you learn QBO you will have developed a valued skill set that can act as a safety net if for any reason the business fails as accounting in QBO as it is so popular with small and medium businesses the skill is in demand and can potentially provide you with another stream of income (you can even get certified) i.e. its an investment in you as well as an investment for your startup (especially since you would be starting an accounting firm, QBO advisors are very much in demand) 2) The QBO app store will allow you to grow for as long as you can without moving to an ERP software in addition to customizing your "own ERP" if you will. An ERP software can cost anywhere from $40,000/year on up. QBO's rate is doable for even the mom and pop shops (my coworker has parents who have owned a business forever that has its own niche little market they've had for years and they have always stood by QBO). This new app store is predicted to make them the Salesforce of accounting 3) By far the easiest I've seen to connect with, hire for, etc. Future employees, networking events, longevity, etc would exist for QBO as it is one of the most well known. I think they hit 1.5 millions subscribers this year and growing.

In addition to QBO if you MUST choose another option: Xero is great (6$/month at first then goes up to 9 after that). That's IF you really can't swing QBO (costs about the same as a Pepsi a day). Xero is tried and true and is commonly integrated with and has a wonderful support network.

Zipbooks seems to be very new as ZipBooks (the 'commentor') explained with the upcoming feature update. That being said, looks like a great product and it is free but I have not come across it previously and I speak with tons of accountants and accounting departments daily at startups, accounting firms, and SMBs.

Additionally by early 2017, we should have an education center for startups but until then I highly suggest getting involved at your local Chamber's networking events as they provide great free tools, information, and resources to startups of all kinds and it could potentially help you find clients for your startup as well, potentially before your doors ever open. Hope this helps and good luck :)

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By kritika
Aug 30th 2018 07:53

Any software depends on the type of business you are starting. Some businesses need just accounting software some need billing and accounting software or accounting and invoicing software. Depending on your business you should go for some free software options which you can try for a month or 15 days then you can decide which is the best fit for you. Hyperdrive POS software can be a good option for you as it provides days free trial as well as it is having almost all the features in one software along with the option of using your software as an App also.

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