The Barefoot Accountant interviews United States Senatorial candidate, Susan Bysiewicz, former Secretary of State of Connecticut

Aug 12th 2011
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Susan Bysiewicz interviewed by the Barefoot AccountantSusan Bysiewicz is running in the Democratic primary for Senator of Connecticut. William Brighenti, "the Barefoot Accountant", requested the opportunity to interview Susan Bysiewicz and Chris Murphy, the two leaders in the Democratic primary race for United States Senator of Connecticut; however, only Susan Bysiewicz has made herself available for an interview.

Susan Bysiewicz served as Connecticut's Secretary of State for twelve years after serving as the Connecticut State Representative of the 100th District for six years.  She had previously practiced law in New York City and Hartford, Connecticut.  Susan holds degrees from Yale University and Duke University School of Law and has published a biography of Ella Grosso, the first female Governor of Connecticut.

The interview will be broken out into eight parts and will deal primarily with the pocketbook issues facing working and middle class famililies in Connecticut and across the United States.

Susan Bysiewicz would be the first woman Senator from the State of Connecticut. Her mother, Shirley, was the first tenured female law professor at the University of Connecticut as well as a colleague of Connecticut's first female governor Ella Grasso.

The first portion of the interview (Part I) deals with the question on how Susan Bysiewicz, if elected as the United States Senator of Connecticut, would address unemployment and create jobs in Connecticut and throughout the United States.

A transcript of the interview is available at the Barefoot Accountant Interviews Susan Bysiewicz on Creating Jobs for all those interested.


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