OK, Donald Trump's hair looks fake, but is he a fake Presidential candidate?

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Or maybe his hair just looks angry (only his hairdresser knows for sure) and that's why it appears so discombobulated whenever his puss is on the media, which has been very frequently lately.  No wonder he is leading the other Republican potential candidates for Presidency:  when Donald speaks, the public listens.  Look at his success on "The Apprentice".  The audience waits with baited breath as if the Lord were issuing the 10 Commandments to Moses.  But his appeal is simple:  he conveys leadership in his presence, his tone, and his unambiguous statements, unlike Obama, who appears as wussy as Neville Chamberlain, getting bullied by the GOP Republicans in Congress. Will Trump's Hair Do in 2012?

In a recent interview by the Wall Street Journal (to watch the video of the interview, please click, "Donald Trump trumps the Wall Street Journal! Kelly Evans Interviews the Donald on April 11, 2011"), I must admit that the Donald impressed me in comparison to all of the other potential candidates, even though Kelly Evans appeared more like a job applicant on "The Apprentice" than a political reporter for the prestigious Wall Street Journal.  Why?  He had specific answers to concerns of the American public, not generalized mumbo jumbos, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing....

  1. On job creation.  Simple.  Enact a 25% tariff on China's imports.  China is cheating by rigging the currency and stifling employees wages to $.25/hour, without overtime and benefits.  Is Donald against free trade?  No:  free trade must first be fair trade.  If one side cheats, the other gets screwed.
  2. On the deficit.  Grab the oil in Iraq and Libya.  We paid for Iraq's liberation, costing as much as $1 trillion.  Should middle class America be left with the tab?  Who should pay for all of that graft of defense contractors?  And when we leave, who will get all of that oil anyway?  You guessed it, Iran.  More money to build nuclear weapons and destroy us and Israel?  Is anyone awake in Congress and the White House? 

True, Donald's birthing talk is nonsense, especially when our country is going down the toilet; however, he is appealing to the small-minded turds of the base (perhaps both in the literal and figurative sense) of the GOP in order to win the primary.  But if one looks over that nonsense, and his hair, there may be some substance in Donald's talk after all....Maybe.  In any event, it's more than what I hear anywhere else. 

Wouldn't it be ironic if Trump ran against Obama?  Trump, the Republican candidate, trumping progressive change and relief for the middle class against Obama, the Democrat, mouthing centrist and corporatist policies, including cuts to medicare and social security, entitlement programs to which middle class workers contributed (i.e., paid) all of their adult working lives and to which they are entitled?!

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