Much ado about Weiner's weenie....A weenie roast?

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It's THIS big!

If he tweeted or texted images of himself to consenting adults, I say, let’s move on.  Another $47 million ethics investigation of a weenie?  And then what?  A burning at the stake?  A weenie roast?  Or a cock that crows three times, a sponge, some vinegar, and a dude to nail the spikes home? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze:  the puritanical, religious, right-wing nuts are driving me nuts.

Did you see the pictures of his female friend in a bra?  Weenie and her were swapping lingerie pics as we traded baseball cards as kids observing each other’s stats.  Okay, certainly juvenile, perhaps funny, maybe even cute, but not criminal.

Why not an ethics investigation of all those CEOs in the finance industry that stole trillions of dollars as well as of all those members of Congress, government agencies, including Presidents, involved in or responsible for the greatest heist of all time, culminating in the economic tsunami of 2008 and from which we will never recover?!

This is nonsense and a diversion from the real issues.  And what’s wrong with nudity between consenting adults?  What about all those people we are killing in Afghanistan, and elsewhere?  I don’t hear any outcry over that!  Yeah, I know, killing is good but sex is puritanically evil. 

It’s true I wouldn’t do what Anthony Weenie did, but, after all, my weenie is teenie.

Incidentally I include the photos below of three of the recipients of Weenie's sextexting:  do they strike you as playful and consenting?  Or as nuns on the run?

Honestly, I haven't a clue.




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