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Is Intuit committed to quality products and service?

Mar 28th 2013
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I have written a number of blogs raising questions about Intuit's commitment to quality products and services as well as its regard and treatment of professional accountants.  Regarding a recent problem that I had with ProSeries, I am adding this blog postscript as an example evidencing the quality of service one can expect from Intuit.

Below is a survey provided by Intuit on the Intuit Community webpage.  Customarily, after I had occasion to call customer service or technical support regarding an issue, I receive an email asking for feedback on my experience; I have filled out a number of them.  Of course, these surveys create the impression that Intuit is interested in one's opinion, and that Intuit actually reads the surveys asking about the experience of the users of its products.

However, reading the second question and the choices provided as responses to address the second question, one can see that the answers are not applicable to the survey question:

"Do you still need help with your question?"

Answer choice 1:  "Easy"

Answer choice 2:  "Difficult"

Answer choice 3:  "Not sure"

Intuit Community Survey

Did anyone at Intuit bother to read its own surveys prior to publishing them?  If Intuit does not bother to read its own surveys prior to publishing them, can one expect Intuit to read one's answers to its surveys?  And doesn't this tell one something in and of itself about Intuit's commitment to quality products and services?

Barefoot Accountant


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