If you are a tax professional, do not use ProSeries!

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Intuit ProSeries sucks!ProSeries Tax Software is not designed for the professional accountant.  I will never use it again.

It is 5:00 A.M. in the morning, and I have been attempting for hours to complete Form 1041 for a trust; however, ProSeries does not allow entry into a K-1 worksheet for a publicly traded partnership when preparing a trust tax return.  One must manually enter all the individual items reported on a K-1 for a publicly traded partnership on the normal forms and schedules following the special requirements for treatment of publicly traded partnerships.  Consequently, a two minute entry is transformed into a very time consuming and laborious task.  

In order to do so, however, one cannot then electronically file the tax return since Schedule E, page 2, rejects any direct entry for electronic filing.  Therefore, one needs to fill out and include Form 8948 with its filing.

But if one has any items from Section 1256 contracts and saddles to report from a publicly traded partnership's K-1--as is not uncommon with PTPs--one cannot enter them directly into ProSeries.  Why?  Would you believe that ProSeries does not even include Form 6781 in its trust software allowing one to manually enter that information?!?

I spent an hour looking for that form in ProSeries only to discover that its trust tax software does not even include that tax form.  I had to extract that form from the IRS website, undertake the calculations and fill it in manually, and carry that information over to the appropriate schedules and forms in ProSeries.  Why did I bother paying $63.81 to Intuit to prepare this particular trust's tax return?

Well, what can one expect from tax software owned and supported by Intuit anyway.

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By taxweary
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

Proseries definitely sucks when it comes to Proseries. I use it for everything else but not trusts. They should be ashamed to charge for that hunk of junk.

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By Vince Gambino EA
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

ProSeries professional 2012 does not support e-filing tax preparers with foreign addresses. No word from ProSeries that the program was changed. After using ProSeries for 23 years and e-filing successful since the start of e-filing I am forced to give it up. ProSeries blames IRS and IRS says it is ProSeries problem because IRS will accept e-filed returns with preparer foreign addresses.

Vince Gamibno, EA
Rome, Italy

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Dec 20th 2016 06:05

It's true, that proseries tax software does not designed for professionals. But a number of individuals use pro-series software to prepare their individual tax returns either citizens or non residents of current company. People also use to hire tax preparation companies like Cogneesol those help them out with accurate tax returns preparation using their pre-defined proseries tax software. This makes difference.

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