How to fix our American economy and create jobs: a 19 step program

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You are accountants.  You are financial problem solvers.  You advise clients on their finances.  You show them not only how they are doing, but advise them on how to improve operations and profitability.  You are good at what you do.

Our country is bleeding to death.  Property values are plummeting; property taxes are increasing; jobs continue to go overseas; unemployment is high; the trade deficit continues to climb; energy prices are skyrocketing; health insurance costs are at an all-time high; real disposable incomes continue to shrink; militarily spending is absorbing too much of our GDP and our military is actively involved in three areas of the world….

Our country needs answers.  We need your solutions.  You are the financial wizards.  You can do it.  Step up to the plate.  Here’s the ball.  Go for it, Reggie.  What would you do to fix our economy and create jobs?

I have listed 19 progressive changes in five minutes time.  Many of you will accuse me of being radical, if not worse.  So be it.  But we need dramatic changes now.  Our country is going down the toilet.  According to Ron Paul, it may be headed into bankruptcy, driving the world's economy into a depression.  A S&P forecast recently issued a warning that another economic tsunami may occur, five times more devastating than that which occurred in 2008.  If you wish to read my proposals on how to avert another economic tsunami and turn our economy around before it is too late, please visit How to fix our American economy and create more jobs: A 19 point progressive program to stop the hemorrhaging of our country’s life blood!

OK, it's time for you to step up to the plate and present your solutions, your proposals, your ideas...without the needless ad hominen attacks or name calling…lol.  Present a reasoned debate.  We may have lost much in our country but we still have a free voice.  Please express yours, and propose some solutions.

Here’s your opportunity.  Thank you.

The Barefoot Accountant

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