How to elicit helpful feedback from your clients

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I recently enacted a novel but very effective policy for eliciting suggestions and feedback from my clients.  I inform them that whenever they recommend a suggestion or idea that I find useful, that I will invite them to my office and offer them a drink or two of Scotch, gin, vodka; or/and a few beers; or/and if they smoke, a joint or two or three.


It has worked fabulously welll.  Of course, I indulge with them, and it has had a remarkable effect affect whatever on my business, with clients rrreferring others to me or IRS or DRS or SS.  And when they rrrefer clients to me, I again have them ovver and we have a few more beeeers or drinks or joints or two or thirty….It has been verrrrrrry successsssfulll ... fulll.


I can’t telll u how manyyy clients I got….I lost count…..53, 17, 6 and a half....I think it’s been a whole bunch , who cares….I can’t even remember their faces….there’s beeeeennn so many….Gawd.

In fact, so many, I can’t keep up with workk…falling waayyy behind….wow, good stuff…..ssssssnoooooorrrre.

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