Do we really have a social security problem, or is this just another heist?

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Former Senator and Member of Deficit Commission, Alan Simpson

Former Senator Alan Simpson, a former member of the Deficit Commission (the "Gang of Six"), referred to the federal government's $2.5 trillion debt to the Social Security trust fund for retiring Americans as "just a bunch of IOUs", indicating that he had no intention of honoring that debt obligation; however, he and other Republicans would never default on the IOUs to China, since that would cause a tsunami in the financial markets of Wall Streeters, the GOP's primary constituents.

Doesn't Simpson remind you of Ebenezer Scrooge?  Why haven't the ghosts of corporate politicians past relieved us of this soul yet?  Isn't there any justice in the cosmos?  Hey, Alan, you old cowboy from the West, didn't your Westerners used to hang cattle and horse rustlers?  What would they have done to anyone wanting to steal $2.5 trillion dollars?  Throw him a necktie party?

We don't have a social security problem.  And we do not have to steal the monies from social security and medicare in order to reduce the highest tax rate for the rich down to 25%, as Paul Ryan is proposing to do....

There's an easy fix to the social security problem, a result of our politicians having stolen its funds for endless tax breaks to the rich, TARP, needless wars to fill the coffers of defense contractors, subsidies to oil companies, estate tax reductions appealing to our aristocratic gentry, etc.  The fix is quick and painless to the middle class, the victims whose retirement savings are being robbed.

For more on the hoax about social security and the crime of the millenium, please read, Do we have a real social security problem? Or do we have a gang of thieves on the Deficit Commission!, and Robbing the middle class. Congress and Obama want to steal your retirement funds!

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