Be the Gourmet Accountant! But don't cook the books.

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The Way to a Client's Wallet is through his Stomach!

Carole Romatis, besides being the QuickBooks Guru at Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC, is also the Gourmet Accountant at our firm. (By the term, "gourmet accountant", I am not in any way implying that she cooks the books as our resident bookkeeper.)  It is Carole’s contention that accounting does not have to be a bland subject; rather, she presents a very compelling case that we accountants can spice it up, making it palatable even to the most quantitatively averse souls. And by "spice it up", I mean that literally because at our firm, Carole, a true epicurean, prefers to discuss accounting, QuickBooks, taxes, and business over a gourmet meal prepared by her and a glass of vino.  Let’s face it, tax season is long and arduous, trying for the most Spartan of accountants.  And Carole has cooked up a recipe to survive this season of drudgery, as well as the other three seasons, by eating and living well every day, accounting for the extra pounds I added since we teamed up.

  The Gourmet AccountantToday Carole served a very special client of ours “Shrimp Magazine”, named after the street on which the restaurant featuring this dish is located in New Orleans. If you have never eaten Shrimp Magazine, frankly, you have never lived.  This seafood dish is even decadent by New Orleans standards.  It is butterflied shrimp sauteed deliciously in a lavish garlicky butter sauce with artichokes, ham, basil, and green onions, served over cappellini.  The rich butter sauce is what makes the dish so sumptuous; however, if you cannot handle the cholesterol, then salivate and drool as I recount Carole's recipe to those less inclined to be so timid and least, you can savor it voyeuristically.

Take three-quarter of a cup of flour.  

Season with kosher salt, black pepper, granulated garlic.  Mix. 

Peel and butterfly a pound of extra large shrimp, and dredge in the seasoned flour. 

Add one stick of butter to a 10″ saute pan and heat over medium temperature.

Add the floured shrimp to the pan. 

Saute the shrimp for a few minutes and then turn them over. 

Add a cup of chopped artichoke hearts and a half of a cup of diced ham. 

Add a third of a cup of white wine and (2) tablespoons of  Worchestershire sauce.

Sprinkle with granulated garlic, black pepper, and kosher salt.

Add (2) tablespoons of fresh chiffonade basil and (3) tablespoons of chopped green onions. 

Add (2) cloves of minced garlic.  (Do you know the difference between chiffonade and minced?  I do:  Carole just explained and demonstrated it to me.  She also recommends having all of the ingredients ready before you cook, referred to in French as, mise en place.  Carole is such a show off!)

Stir it all up.

When the shrimp is done (be careful not to overcook the shrimp, otherwise they will taste rubbery), serve immediately over angel hair pasta. 

Sprinkle with parmigiano reggiano cheese freshly grated. 

Hmmmmmmmmmm.  Mangia!

Now allow us to ask you:  do you enjoy a gourmet meal with a glass of vino while you review financial statements or tax returns with your clients?  Or do you settle for chips, snacks, and other crud?  Life can be very, very good, if you choose to live it in style.  Carole and I heartily recommend wooing and seducing your clients with a gourmet meal and a glass of vino.  Hey, we're Italian!  Everything can be an occasion to eat, enjoy, and celebrate life to the fullest.  It works for us:  we have clients drooling at our doors, opening their hearts and their wallets.  More importantly, we relish it as well.  As Carole always says, la dolce vita!  I cannot but agree. 

Have a tasty recipe for Carole?  Have a tax or an accounting question?  Please feel free to submit it under “Comments” at Accounting, QuickBooks, and Taxes by the Barefoot Accountant.  For information and assistance on any tax and accounting issue, please visit our website:  Accountants CPA Hartford, LLC.

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