Are you having issues with Intuit and QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support?

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I have been having serious customer service issues with Intuit regarding QuickBooks and ProSeries.  As some of you may know from having read previous postings on my webblog, I have expressed my dissatisfaction with Intuit's treatment of certified public accountants, who not only pay expensive fees for the use of its products but who also are not provided the quality of services to which they are entitled as promoters and faithful users of its products.

Last October I received repeated notices whenever I opened QuickBooks to renew my ProAdvisor subscription for $399; however, whenever I clicked on the link, the site stipulated a price of $499.  When I called customer service about this discrepancy between the offer and the price, I was informed simply that the price had changed and  that the message I had been receiving was obsolete.  But I still receive those messages from Intuit to this very day, even though my QuickBooks receives regular, unlimited updates from Intuit.  Strange, isn't it?

On Monday, December 26, 2011, I called the ProAdvisor department to enroll my client in the online version of QuickBooks for $24.95/month.  I needed to purchase the product via the ProAdvisor department since I wished to offer my 25% ProAdvisor discount to my client.  I had attempted to do so via the website; however, whenever I clicked the link for the $19.95 rate, only the $24.95 rate was available to me.

Calling the ProAdvisor department, I was informed by a recording that the department was at an all-day meeting and would not be available to serve me.  After a few more calls to the general sales lines in an attempt to purchase the online version for my client and after finally reaching someone in India, who placed me on several holds to determine where my inquiry could be addressed, I did reach Christopher de Roulet, a sales consultant of Intuit, who took my call from his home at Lake Tahoe.  He informed me that, contrary to the recording’s message, the ProAdvisor department was closed for the holiday.  He advised me to call back on Tuesday to obtain the $19.95 rate for my client.  Since he was kind enough to confirm that rate to me during the conversation, I then called and informed my client of that rate and told him I would process it on the following day.

But on Tuesday, December 27, 2011, when I reached Lorenzo Gonzalez in the ProAdvisor department, he informed me that the price was now $26.95, and that the $24.95 rate, as well as the discounted rate of $19.95, were no longer available.  Strange that Intuit did not wait until January 1st to increase its rate.  Even stranger is the fact that I was not informed of the planned price increase the day before it was to take effect when I spoke to Christopher de Roulet, who had confirmed the $24.95 and $19.95 rates to me.  Why didn’t Intuit, as a courtesy to its ProAdvisors, at least place a notice on its website of the upcoming price increase?  Didn't it bother to inform its very own sales consultants of the price increase scheduled for the following day?

Certified Public Accountants, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and other professional users of QuickBooks, ProSeries, Lacerte, and other products of Intuit, bring Intuit countless customers every year; however, Intuit never acknowledges its gratitude in the form of credits or discounts to the hefty fees that we are charged every year as ProAdvisors even though we recruit countless customers yearly for QuickBooks, richly filling the coffers of Intuit.

If I had conducted my businesses in the manner as that of Brad Smith, the CEO of Intuit, without any expression of gratitude to individuals referring clients to my business, I cannot imagine how I would have fared in my businesses.  Perhaps it is time for professional users of Intuit products to let Brad Smith know how they feel about Intuit's treatment of them.

The Barefoot Accountant


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