A little boy's letter to God....

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A little boy wanted $100 to buy a bicycle. Since his parents were poor and unable to afford the money, being a very good little boy who always went to church on Sundays and prayed every morning and night, he decided to go to the head Man directly (no, not Ben Bernanke but the Guy above him).

So he wrote a letter to God, asking for $100 so that he could buy the bicycle; however, not knowing God’s address, all he placed on the envelope for an address was the following:



When the postal clerk received the envelope, not knowing where else to send it, she dumped it in the outgoing mail to the US government.  And when the government mail room received it, again not having a clue as to where it should go, it forwarded the envelope to President Obama since he was the head of the government and the closest person to God.

Upon receiving and reading the little boy's letter, being a father, and both amused and touched by the child’s request, President Obama put a $5 bill in an envelope and mailed it to the little boy.

When the little boy received the money, he was understandably disappointed since it was not enough money to buy the bicycle. Determined to buy that bicycle, he put pen to paper and wrote another letter to God, asking for the remaining $95, but he did not hesitate to offer the following advice to God:

“Dear, God, this time please do not send the money from Washington, D.C., because the last time you sent me the $100 from there, those crooks at the Internal Revenue Service withheld $95 for income taxes.”

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