What are Your Travel Horror Stories?

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By Rob Nance, Publisher - Last April I attempted to take my family to Hawaii where we were to get on a cruise ship for a tour of five Hawaiian islands. It was a long painful day at the Columbus airport--and we never left. Long story short, our luggage got to Hawaii but we didn’t. The US Airways computer system was not speaking effectively with the computer systems of other airlines. Local US Airways personnel tried their best, but their computer systems did not work correctly. One employee said, “US Airways has really screwed your family.” The result was that we could not get to Hawaii on any airline for another five days. We went home, regrouped and drove up to Toronto the next morning.

Battling with US Airways the past several months yielded some results, but it was maddening. We will never try to fly again during Spring Break periods. US Airways is also at the top of my boycott list.


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