Complimentary Online Platform Tracks Accounting License Requirements and Progress

Sep 24th 2013
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Accountants need more than 24 hours in a day. Whether it is busy season, financial reports, accounting and tax updates, or simply finding time to breathe, it can be pretty hard to keep track of everything that needs to get done. Even in the age of cloud technology and smart phones, having calendar alert notifications on your phone won’t do the trick. There needs to be a new way to make things easier.

Continuing education is one of the many things that occupy the minds of accountants. Understanding license requirements, specific subject requirements, and qualifying courses can be a hassle. While some CPE providers have platforms that track their customers’ continuing education progress, has launched a new seamless platform called Compliance Manager that allows its users to monitor their continuing education progress from CPE providers across the country.

Tailored to Fit Your License Requirements
Depending on the license, there will be a number of different mandatory continuing education requirements to fulfill.  If these requirements are not met, consequences can range anywhere from additional CPE hours to license suspension- as if accountants didn’t have enough to think about!  When accountants enter their state and license information into Compliance Manager, the system will populate a chart showing what CPE courses need to be completed in that reporting period.

CPE Course Portal
For those who aren’t sure where to find CPE courses, Compliance Manager will recommend options for fulfilling the user’s requirements.

Multiple Staff Monitoring
Compliance Manager is probably most appreciated by busy firm administrators who manage CPE for the whole office. By using the Firm Account option, administrators can easily see multiple license requirements from a single account. Not only can they easily track the progress of different staff members, but they can also use this option to sign multiple people up for CPE courses.

Accountability for Accountants
For users who love getting email reminders, Compliance Manager is an organizational dream come true. Compliance Manager sends periodic emails reminding users of their current compliance status, so that they aren’t surprised by the fast approaching deadlines.

Other Compliance Manager Benefits

  • Monitor limits on select delivery formats and subject areas
  • Generate an export of CPE records for each reporting period
  • Monitored licenses include CPAs, EAs, RTRPs, CFPs, CTRPs and CMAs
  • Stores completed CPE courses from multiple providers

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