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This is a list post. I love lists. To Do Lists, Top 5 Lists, it really doesn’t matter. So I thought I’d do my own for this post, and share with you some of my new favorites. A few things that I’ve come across in the last couple months that I wanted to share.

  1. Zagg’s ProPlus Bluetooth iPad Keyboard: After trying out several keyboards for my ipad – some of them portfolio style, some of them not, I finally hit on one that I really like. The keys are island/Chiclet style, just like my MacBook Air, so switching between the two is easy. You should see how hard it is for me to adjust to a standard keyboard – I’m not sure when that happened, but wow. Just, wow… I also like that it doubles as a cover and has the same finish as the ipad. The groove that the ipad sits in is nice as well. I use my ipad to do a lot of my writing – blog posts and training materials – while I’m on a plane, and I’ve yet to have it fall out, even during rough turbulence. Or while riding shotgun on Michigan roads. (Seriously. The potholes here are insane.)
  2. Rii Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard: This is a slick little tool for teaching hands on computer sessions. It’s compatible with my MacBook Air, my ipad and my iphone. Great for when you’re teaching by yourself and don’t have someone to proctor the room. I’ve actually had it for a while, but totally forgot about it. You can still do the lesson, while walking around the room to make sure everyone is following along.
  3. Time Scroller App: I have to thank Intuit’s Rich Walker for telling me about this app. I struggle mightily with time zones; just traveling from Michigan to California is enough to confuse me. I’m working closely with Australian accountants, doing live webinars, and I recently returned from 2 weeks of QuickBooks Online training in Sydney, Adelaide & Melbourne almost make my brain explode when I have to figure out what time it is where, and this is an app I use almost every day.
  4. MyScriptMemo app: I love this app. I’ve been looking, albeit intermittently, for a To Do app that I can use a stylus to hand write the list and that will sync across my devices – my ipad, iphone and Macbook(s). This is as close as I can get. I can handwrite anything with it  - even import pictures from my camera or photo album, and then upload to DropBox or Evernote. I can then open it on my phone or computer from there. A bit inelegant, and I can’t view on my Macbook, but so far, it’s the closest I’ve gotten to what I want.
  5. iRig Mic: This is the mic I found so that I can do interviews for with my ipad. Great audio, decent cord length, and it travels well. I had it with me in Australia to do all of my interviews, and I love how they turned out.
  6. Griffin Technology’s No 2 Pencil Stylus: Okay. So it doesn’t have a pocket clip – but would a real pencil? NO. This is just so dang cool; I saw it and before I knew what I was doing, I had an order confirmation in my inbox. Nothing fancy about this stylus, except it’s inherent awesomeness.

I’ve been harboring a dark secret, and it’s time for full confession. What people don’t know about me is that as big a gadget and tech addict as I am, I still use a small notebook and pen to keep track of my To Do list. I use to track actual projects and share tasks and deliverables with my team, but to keep track of what I personally have to do, I must write it down. I learn by writing, and typing doesn’t count. If I write it, I remember it almost forever. Between the stylus and the MyScriptMemo app, I can finally ditch the pad & pen.

Well, I think I can ditch them.

About Stacy Kildal

About Stacy Kildal

Stacy Kildal is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified Enterprise Solutions ProAdvisor, Sleeter Group Certified Consultant, a nationally recognized member of the Intuit Trainer and Writer Network, and cohost of RadioFree QuickBooks. She is the owner/operator of Kildal Services LLC, providing accounting and technology consulting, QuickBooks conversions, bookkeeping services, payroll setup and processing, Intuit merchant services and customized training.


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